Buddleja x Lilac Chip

    • Foliage:
    • Green
    • Size:
    • 50 cm width, 50 cm height
    • Hardiness:
    • very hardy
    • Cultural:
    • Plant Lilac Chip in full sun or semi-shade. Prune this buddleja in March to 10/15 cm. Lilac Chip is very suitable for small and large gardens but above all perfect for in a pot on a terrace of balcony. Atrracts many butterflies so nature close by home!
    • Special:
    • Lilac Chip is a compact, lo and behold butterfly bush, a real minibuddleja! The seeds of Lilac Chip are sterile, so this buddleja is not invasive. Lilac Chip doesn't need much maintenance and stays small therefore also very suitable for the aminety matket.
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