Hebe Magic Summer

    • Foliage:
    • Greyish green with white edges. In spring and early summer leaves are purple-red.
    • Size:
    • Height 60 cm, width 80 cm
    • Hardiness:
    • Hardy till -5°C
    • Cultural:
    • Hebe Magic Summer is a compact hebe so very suitable in a pot on terrace or balcony. Magic Summer also grows well in the garden. Place this hebe in full sun or semi-shade. Prune a little after flowering.
    • Special:
    • Hebe Magic Summer is a compact evergreen shrub. Magic Summer is a hebe of the Magicolors range. Very special are the striking purple-red leaves in spring and early summer. Hebe Magic Summer is compact so suitable for in a pot on a terrace of balcony. The changing colours of the foliage during the seasons make this a magical hebe in your garden!
    • Licenceholders:
    • HebeCenterHolland, Hazerswoude, Netherlands
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