Berberis thun Tiny Gold

    • Foliage:
    • dark yellow, round shaped, young foliage is red
    • Size:
    • compact dwarf variety, height: 30 cm width: 30 cm
    • Hardiness:
    • very hardy, zone 5, originally from Czech Republic
    • Cultural:
    • Berberis thun. 'Tiny Gold' can be planted in any soil in full sun or semi-shade. Tiny Gold is a very compact dwarf berberis and therefore very suitable in small gardens or rock-gardens. It is not necessary to trim Tiny Gold.
    • Special:
    • Berberis thun. 'Tiny Gold' is a very compact growing dwarf berberis. The yellow foliage will be sun burned. Because of the growing habit of Tiny Gold this berberis is very suitable for small gardens and will give hardly any maintenance.
    • Licenceholders:
    • Leenders Plants, Helden, Netherlands
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