Valkplant Innovative Plants, VIP for Plants

Valkplant BV is a company founded on an extensive expertise in the world of plants. Our a company specialized in:

  1. Selecting and testing new plant varieties;
  2. Protecting these new varieties with Plant Breeders Rights;
  3. Building a good network of growers to grow the new plant;
  4. Supporting this growers group in maximizing production and providing tailored advice how to grow the new plant;
  5. Introducing the new plant variety together with the growers using the needed marketing.

Valkplant has a wealth of knowledge in the area of establishing Plant Breeders Rights in Europe and the USA. We have expertise in growing, breeding, exporting and marketing. We combine all these aspects to make the new plant variety a succes. Through this method all new varieties are getting a  real VIP treatment. They are all Very Important Plants!


The VIP for Plants brand 

By giving the new variety the brand VIP for Colour, VIP for Evergreen, VIP for Joy or VIP for Scent, the grower, trader, buyer and consumer will instantly know what the most unique caracteristic is of the new variety.

  • VIP for Colour plants have their striking colour as most unique caracteristic and most important novelty.
  • VIP for Evergreen plants are evergreen and keep on giving the garden colour during autumn, winter and early spring.
  • VIP for Joy are plants that give the consumer joy during a long period because of its different aspects and are easy to grow and take care of.
  • VIP for Scent plants are novelties that are striking because of the lovely scent they will bring to the garden.


So if you are interested in?

  1. protection and commercial introduction of your new variety;
  2. breeding and/or growing one of our challenging new varieties;
  3. adding one of our new and protected varieties to your offer of sale;

Then feel free to contact us: